What you can make for dinner with the items you have at home

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*The reviews come from the first iOS app and are translated. The pictures are randomly generated. 

This is how it works

Step 1

The first time you put 1-2 minutes on adding what you have at home into the app, based on our suggestions of common foods in your kitchen.

Step 2

The app gives you meal suggestions based on ingredients you have at home, but also lists recipes where you only miss one or two items.

Step 3

Click on the recipe for the meal you want to prepare. Here, you can use a timer, see which ingredients are needed and mark in the recipe as you go. Easy!


Dinner is served!
You don't have to put in your ingredients every time you use the app.
Use the shopping list in the app and the ingredients will update automatically. You can also update the list when browsing through delicious recipes

Fight food waste

33 % of all food get's thrown away. Households account for most of the food waste. Ingmar wants to stop this by showing people how to make more with what you already have.

Create better eating habits

Ingmar helps people eat more varied by showing recipes they wouldn't otherwise have cooked. It is also easy to find healthy recipes in the app.