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Ingmar uses Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics to track users across the website and the internet. This is to be able to create content adapted for the visitor. 

Cookies get removed automatically after a month and then you get the opportunity again to consent if you visit our website.


Genom att fylla i vårt email-formulär på Facebook godkänner du att din email-adress registreras i vår mailinglista för nyhetsbrevsutskick. Se nedan.


By subscribing to any of Ingmars newsletters, you approve Ingmar handling your personal data in a secure manner. The information may be stored in third party services such as Viral-Loops and Mailchimp.

When you subscribe to Ingmar's newsletters, you agree to get emails related to Ingmar, such as information about Ingmar, questions and surveys, information related to prizes in competitions etc.

A cookie also gets stored to know when you come back to the newsletter site to provide you with the right information.

If you want to discontinue your subscription, you can always press "unsubscribe" in the bottom of the email.

If you have questions or thoughts regarding us handling your personal information, contact us at hello@ingmar.app