Integrity and privacy policy


The information we save about you who registers an account with Ingmar is done in order to

  • Be able to identify you and log you in
  • Personalise the app and help you discover functionality
  • Be able to save what you have done so your information can be retrieved from any device you wish
  • Enable you to use the full functionality of the app
  • Understand how users uses the app
  • Be able to communicate with you

What we will NOT use your data for

  • Third party ads
  • Sell your personal data (however, we might in the future sell anonymised data) 

What we save from the app

  • Email
  • Name
  • Language
  • Measurement system
  • Diet choices
  • Ingredients you have at home
  • Things you add to the shopping list
  • Who you share the account with
  • Favourite markings
  • The events you do in the app
  • Your device ID
  • Search history

The information is saved in the Microsoft Azure cloud where we have our database. Communication with the cloud is encrypted.


Ingmar uses Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics to track users across the website and the internet. This is to be able to create content adapted for the visitor. E.g. to not show ads to you if you have downloaded the app.

Cookies get removed automatically after a month and then you get the opportunity again to consent if you visit our website.

Newsletter and leaving your email

By entering your email at our web site or registering an account in the app, then you accept that Ingmar will handle your personal data. Data is stored at SendInBlue.

You will receive emails based on what you do in the app that will help you perform what you intended and help you use the app. These emails are called transactional emails and is sent based on rules to each individual. Therefore these emails are not possible to unsubscribe from.

By creating an account you also accept to receive email related to the app Ingmar (our newsletter). E.g. new info about the app, questions & surveys, etc.

If you want to discontinue your subscription of the newsletter, you can always press "unsubscribe" in the bottom of the email.

Remove account and my data

In the app you can choose to completely remove your account and related data under settings.

Have you already deleted the app but also want to remove your account, then email us at hello@ingmar.app and we will help you with it.

For other questions around handling of your personal data, please contact hello@ingmar.app